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Phil Berry, Partner and Principal Consultant; Sustainable Supply Chains


Phil Berry, Partner and Principal Consultant; Sustainable Supply Chains

Phil Berry has developed and managed sustainability, supply chain and human rights programs for large corporations and governments for more than 35 years.


Phil spent 11 years at Nike, from 1996 to 2007. In 1996, Phil founded and led Nike Footwear's supply chain sustainability programs in Asia. Starting in 2001, Phil served as Nike Footwear's first Director of Sustainability. In the latter role, Phil was part of the team that started the Nike Considered line of award-winning, more sustainable products.


After leaving Nike in late 2007, Phil founded the Sustainable Supply Chains. For six years, Sustainable Supply Chains served the needs of large, international US and UK businesses by working in their supply chains to help develop strategies and build environmental and social sustainability programs.


In 2013, Phil took a leave of absence from Sustainable Supply Chains, to accept a 3-year contract serving as Sustainability Director in China for Stora Enso Oyj. Stora Enso, a Finnish / Swedish company, is Europe's largest and oldest forestry, pulp, biomaterials and packaging company.


Sustainability and human rights aspects of Stora Enso's planned $2 billion USD project in China was of great concern to investors, international NGOs, human rights advocates and Nordic governments. It culminated in accusations against Stora Enso Oyj to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. For Phil, it was a chance to again go inside a financially-stressed company in serious trouble and build another sustainability program in Asia “from the ground up”.


Phil hired, trained and led a team of 27 managers and specialists to develop world-class human rights, environmental and stakeholder engagement programs. The 3 years of hard work regained trust in the project, settled the legal accusations and secured financing for the project from World Bank / International Finance Corporation.


In July 2016, Phil rejoined the team at Sustainable Supply Chains. Phil currently leads a team of 4 social and environmental consultants located on 3 continents (North America, Asia and Africa).


Phil and his wife Joanna have relocated from Beihai, China back to their home and the company's office in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Phil and his wife have three children and two granddaughters. Phil holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

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